10 Nov 2011

Short Animation: ROSA

WOW! What an amazing short... Beautiful in it's way.
Created entirely by young comic-artist Jesús Orellana with no budget.
I hope he's recognized by his extraordinary effort.


Character Rigs: Malcom & Morpheus

Here's a couple of awesome Character Rigs.

The Malcom Rig, unfortunately I didn't tried... yet. So I don't know much about it. But from what I seen it looks amazing as well. It's been built for the online animation school AnimSchool.
There is a Maya and XSI version.

I only tried Morpheus which is very well built by Josh Burton. Gives you tons of freedom for character design and very user friendly for animation.
There is only a Maya version (that I know of).

If you just started, get something a bit more easier like Bee-Boy.

Advert: Müller Wünderful Stuff

How did I forget to post this gem that it's been around for a bit in the UK. I don't watch a load of TV, but from what I saw this year in advertising, this would take the award for the Best TV Commercial of the year (in my humble opinion). Probably because it brings back memories from my childhood.
Amazing work TBWA London, you're in my heroes list. :)
Please keep them coming...

Game Cinematic: JabberWocky

Blur released a great trailer for a game called Jabberwocky. I'm not sure, but some reason the game wasn't released.
Here's the trailer showed by Mark Theriault, who worked on it.

Animation Work: Mathias Lachal

Another mixed work by Mathias Lachal. This blending between live shots hand-drawn animation it's flawless. Love the contrast of colours, which gives it a sort of a dreaming look. (via Flooby Nooby)

Short: Painted Love

A great short directed by The Waverly for Cartier, blending live action with some rotoscoped painted animation. Amazing soundtrack by Air.
(Via It's Art)

And here's the Behind the scenes...

9 Nov 2011

I'm Back!!!! (again)

Hello Amazing Blog Readers!!!

Once again, I'm apologizing for the lack of posting. I got some issues (professional and  personal) to take care of.

Fortunately, I've been involved on a freelance project that is taking a bit of my time. But I think I can get back to start sharing some STUFFF and THINGS. Animation related of course :)!

After this project, I'm going back to Lisbon to be with my family and friends which I miss so much :).

Another great news, is that I'm starting iAnimate this January. So I feel very excited to start the course and learn some mad animation skills with the best :)!
I'm starting in Workshop 1 and still don't know who's going to be my amazing teacher.

I'll keep updating my work. And give me a HI, if you are enrolling in iAnimate as well. I would love to meet some new peeps.


Signed: The Arquitect